" Music With No Strings Attached "



⭑ How It Works ⭑:

1. Select your beat/beats from the audio player by clicking and adding to cart.

2. Make sure the items you have selected are accurate in your cart before purchasing.

3. Once you confirm payment through our secured portal you will enter your credentials to receive full trackout downloads for beats purchased.

4. The beats you purchase will solely belong to you, no strings attached. Full ownership contract provided.

5. You will receive full trackout wav files in a zip folder after purchase, if you need help or experience issues > email : Request@Audio.Bond

6. All requests for musical "work" & official licensing contracts of ownership are kept on file in case user is in need of contract retrieval , or assistance with musical contents.
Inquiries should be sent to Request@Audio.Bond ,with proof of receipt. Requests are resolved within 24 hours.

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